Your RV solar panel(s) will sit on the roof of your RV collecting energy from the sun in the solar cells and transferring that energy (through a charge/solar controller) to your battery.

Charge Controller:

The charge controller mounts inside the RV. Wires run from your solar panel(s) to the charge controller and from the charge controller into your battery. The purpose of the charge controller is to control the rate at which your batteries charge. The charge controller is required to prevent overcharging and in the case of an MPPT charge controller, operate the panels as efficiently as possible.


Your battery is the heart of an RV’s power system. Without a battery, an RV has no way to store power. The battery is where energy provided by the sun is stored for your use. Your solar panels and/or battery charger will charge the battery. But not all batteries are created equal, and not all are suited to the unpredictable charge cycles of solar systems. Lithium batteries for solar applications are the superior choice over these batteries: Flooded lead-acid battery, Sealed, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel


The electricity from your batteries is 12-Volt DC electricity. With this, you can power all 12-Volt RV devices and appliances. If you want to use 230-Volt AC electricity to power a coffee maker, laptop, or anything that requires AC, you’ll need an inverter that transforms 12V DC power to 230V AC power. The Pure Sine-Wave Inverter is the best choice for delicate electronic equipment.

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