Satellite Dishes:

A satellite dish gives you the freedom to take your favorite TV program with you on the road to the great outdoors or anywhere in between and to be permanently mounted on an RV roof. The outdoor unit (ODU) can be of the dome design, which eliminates the risk of forgetting to fold down the unit before travelling and are always the automatic type. Or, an open dish which gives normally a stronger signal and less rain fade and can be a manual or an automatic system.

You also will get an indoor unit (IDU) that is programmed for NZ Free-view on the Optus D1 Satellite. There are ways that you can use your SKY card, which in return gives you the same channels in your RV you normally would have at home, and it is best to have a TV that works on 12V. I install manual and auto dishes from different brands and models.

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Completed15 Apr 2022

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