Prices for the different modifications can not be given in a set format, there are many reasons why prices could be higher or lower. The questions I would need to ask to make an estimate would/could be (but not limited to):

Sort of RV:

– Caravan or motorhome
– Brand & model
– Year
– Flexible or urgently needed


– Size of panels needed (wattage needed per day)
– Size of controller needed, this related to the sizing of the panels
– Single or twin axle, motorhome etc (length of cable)
– Space(s) available to have panels fitted, are the roof vents in the way, or other equipment already on the roof
– Upgrade the battery at the same time
– Upgrade halogen to LED’s
– Etc

Motor mover(s):

– Brand and model wanted/needed
– Manual or automatic engage
– Single or twin axle needed, as in 2WD or 4WD
– Does the caravan has a wheel carrier that needs to be removed
– Does it have under-built water tanks that could be in the way
– Upgrade battery at the same time

Satellite dish:

– Space available to have satellite fitted, are there roof vents and/or solar panel(s) in the way
– Dish or dome
– Manual or automatic
– Brand and model

Under-built water tanks:

– Space available under the chassis
– Motor mover(s) in the way
– Does the caravan has a wheel carrier that needs to be removed
– Size of tank(s) wanted/needed
– Does it already have an onboard water pump
– Do you want the tanks monitored
– Outlet on one or both sides
– Do you want a macerator pump fitted
– Or maybe 4 tanks, cross installed, so the weight is always identical

Roll-out awnings:

– Manual or automatic
– Can it be mounted on the side or must it go on the roof (newer caravans have higher doors)
– Size, brand and model